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Paintshop / Powdercoaters Products

Listed below is our full range of products for paintshops, shotblasters, powder coaters and fibre glass manufacturers with full descriptions to ensure you find the right product for you and your company. For more information about prices, sizes and minimum orders please telephone: 08449 633035 or email an enquiry.

  • MORDANT SOLUTION - Mordent Solution is a galvanise pre-treatment which etches the surface of the galvanise and therefore improves adhesion. It is fast and cost-effective in use.
  • METAPREP - a metal preparation solution which removes light rusting and flash rust from metal. Metaprep will restore metal to its original brightness and will help to prevent re-rusting by lightly phosphating the metal.
  • CONCENTRATED ALUMINIUM ETCH - lightly etches and cleans the aluminium to give adhesion to the coatings. Can also be used as a rust remover on steel.
  • ATLAS T - POWDER COATING STRIPPER - realising the problem of removing powder coatings, we have formulated a solution that removes powder coatings in minutes.
  • CARBON DIP - a non-flammable cold tank cleaner which removes grease, baked-on carbon, paint, dirt, oil and resins.

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