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Janitorial Products

Listed below is our full range of janitorial and cleaning products with full descriptions where possible to ensure you find the right product for you and your company. For more information about prices, sizes and minimum orders please telephone: 08449 633035 or email an enquiry.

  • STERICLEAN - a highly effective bacteriacide especially formulated for the food industry and swimming pools. It will leave surfaces free from disease-spreading micro-organisms. With a dilution rate of 50:1 it still has a 99% kill rate on germs.
  • ODOURLESS LIQUID CLEANER - Odourless Liquid Cleaner is a biodegradable liquid detergent suitable for general cleaning. Use on glassware, dishes, cutlery, paintwork, plastic, tiles, washbasins, sinks, walls and floors.
  • BACTERIACIDAL HANDCARE AND POSTWASH - two essential products for food handlers. A must in all areas of the food industry.
  • BLEACH - industrial and household bleach for use in factories and industrial. Economical in use and has a high dilution rate.
  • AIR FRESH - an effective disinfectant and deodorant for neutralising all smells and odours everywhere.
  • ALGAECIDE - a powerful and rapidly acting germicide possessing a wide anti-microbial spectrum.
  • DERMIT - a greaseless, fast-drying, invisible protective cream that leaves an invisible film on the skin to prevent irritation from contact with acids, salt and alkalis, as well as other oil or water-soluble irritants. Protects against skin complaints.
  • DRAIN BLOCKBUSTER - a strong, swift chemical designed for unblocking drains. This product creates its own heat when it comes into contact with water thus dissolving organic materials.
  • FABRIC CONDITIONER - leaves fabric soft, fragrant and static free.
  • GERMICIADAL CLEAN - a powerful, biodegradable, colourless sterilising detergent containing a rapidly acting germicide. It possesses a wide anti-microbial spectrum over a considerable pH range. Used in the food industry, hospitals, dairy, brewery and allied industries for general hygiene.
  • HANDCARE - a liquid concentrated skin cleaner and conditioner. It rapidly dissolves grease, ink, carbon, dirt and grime encountered in industry.
  • HANDGEL GRIT - a mild hand-cleansing jelly containing lanolin with poly beads to give extra cleaning power. Although gentle on the hands. Antiseptic properties to prevent dermatitis and other skin complaints.
  • LAUNDRY LIQUID - an excellent liquid for washing all types of fabrics, removing dirt and stains. Suits all temperature washes.
  • MULTICLEAN - Multiclean is an exceptionally powerful, highly-active hard surface cleaner made to give maximum cleaning power, plus maximum safety. A safe, efficient cleaner available in 3 different grades to suit all your individual requirements. Removes dirt, grime, grease, oils, carbon, nicotine, ink, dyes, fungi, smoke stains, lipstick and other stains. Suitable for all industries.
  • PINE GEL - Pine Gel is a safe cleaner. It cleans and disinfects all surfaces and leaves a refreshing pure pine odour. It is safe and harmless in use and gives a non-slip sheen to wood block, linoleum and vinyl floors. Progressive sterilisation discourages bacteria and germ growth.
  • OVEN CLEANER - the ideal product for cleaning ovens in both commercial and domestic environments. Provides a fast, labour-saving method for removal of baked-on carbonised cooking fats and grease with special additives to boost its degreasing properties.
  • PYBUTHIN - Pybuthin is a broad-spectrum insecticide for the control of flying insects and as an acid to crawling insects. Recommended for use in food storage. SAN
  • ACT ORIGINAL - Stainless steel safe toilet cleaner and descale. Viscous formula clings longer for more thorough action. A concentrated liquid lavatory cleaner which removes limescale and organic deposits. Cleans and descales washroom areas.
  • SAN LUBE - the ideal lubricant for use on all food handling and processing equipment, laboratory and hospital apparatus where a completely safe, tasteless, odourless, colourless, non-toxic lubricant and release agent is required. Composed of edible substances. SAN
  • PINE - a pure pine-oil concentrated sterilising disinfectant possessing a wide anti-microbial spectrum over a considerable pH range. A high dilution factor makes it very economical.
  • SPARKLE - a concentrated hand dish-washing liquid whose lathering qualities have been balanced with detergency to eliminate any harsh effects on the skin.
  • COOL WAVE (shower gel) - moisturising shower gel and body cleanser. Cool Wave is a cosmetic preparation for skin cleansing and conditioning after a day's work. It contains natural ingredients with coconut oils to leave the body fresh and conditioned. Cool Wave is soft to body tissues and will not sting or irritate the eyes. It can also be safely used on the hair. The products used to prepare Cool Wave are biodegradable.
  • CREAM CLEANER - a gentle cleaner suitable for cleaning porcelain and tiles. Also suitable for use on taps and brass.

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