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Building, Estate Maintenance Products

Listed below is our full range of building and Estate Maintenance related products with full descriptions to ensure you find the right product for you and your company. For more information about prices, sizes and minimum orders please telephone: 08449 633035 or email an enquiry.

  • ADHESIVE (HEAVY DUTY) - a spray adhesive to bond all surfaces - P.V.C., metal, leather, felt, glass, wood, paper, flat plastic laminates, canvas, rubber or upholstery. Gives a permanent bond that is resistant and proof against water, oil, dirt and damp.
  • DESCALE CONCENTRATE - a highly concentrated acid cleaner that is recommended for cleaning heavy deposits off concrete, lime, cement or scale.
  • EASE IT - a deep cleaning and penetrating oil for fast release of rusted nuts, bolts, pipe couplings and interlocking parts. Contains an antiseptic to reduce industrial infection.
  • PLASTICISER - an additive to mortar. Plasticiser will enable a smoother finish and make cement more pliable. Also contains inhibitors to stop freezing.
  • MULTICLEAN - multiclean is an exceptionally powerful, highly-active hard surface degreaser. Suitable for all industries.
  • ROCK SALT - a formulation of mineral salts to reduce hazardous conditions caused by ice and snow.
  • TURPS SUBSTITUTE - cleaning paint brushes and general decorating purposes.
  • WEED KILLER - an economical solution to weed control problems. Readily absorbed by the roots. May be applied at any season of the year provided application is followed by rainfall.

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