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Maintenance/Engineering/Transport Products

Listed below is our full range of maintenance, engineering and transport related products with full descriptions where applicable to ensure you find the right product for you and your company. For more information about prices, sizes and minimum orders please telephone: 01405 720023 or email an enquiry.

  • CLEAR LAQUER - a clear, transparent protective coating which is safe and easy to use with a multitude of applications. Ideal for protecting chrome-plated and other metallic surfaces against common corrosion and tarnishing including brass and copper.
  • COLD GALVANISING - a superior one-package, smooth-flowing cold galvanising compound which will protect all iron and steel. Dries to a flexible, non-cracking coating that permits bending without chipping. Ideal primer for all types of paint.
  • CONTACT LUBE - high purity solvents and lubricants produce this cleaning and lubricating product suitable for the electrical and electronic industries. It is suitable for delicate components, particularly solvent-sensitive plastic components.
  • DAMP PROOF - moisture repellant compound for general maintenance. Cleans and protects all metals. Damp proofs and lubricates electric motors and electronic equipment. Dries wet ignition and improves spark. Stops squeak, penetrates, lubricates and prevents corrosion.
  • DE ICER - a superior product to clear iced-over surfaces. Dissolves the ice and leaves a film which prevents re-freezing. Ideal for door locks, boot locks and windscreens. Does not contain water.
  • EASE IT - a deep-cleaning and penetrating oil for fast release of rusted nuts, bolts, pipe couplings and interlocking parts. Contains an antiseptic to reduce industrial infection.
  • ELECTROSOLVE - the ideal safety solvent for a wide variety of cleaning operations. Cleans and degreases running motors. Safe replacement for flammable and toxic solvents. Low toxicity 350 p.p.m.
  • ENGINE CLEAN - Engine Clean may be diluted with up to eight parts solvent such as paraffin, gas oil or diesel. It produces a solvent that quickly lifts off heavy grease, sludge and oil from engines, chassis parts, machinery, storage tanks and concrete. May be rinsed off with water.
  • MULTICLEAN - Multiclean is an exceptionally powerful, highly-active hard surface degreaser. Removes dirt, grime, grease, oils and carbon. Suitable for all industries.
  • OIL DRY GRANULES - a granular floor absorbent for oil, grease, solvents and all liquid spillages. Prevents fire and burn hazards and maintains anti-slip properties under heavy traffic.
  • SPATTER FREE - anti spatter prevents welding spatter sticking to ferrous and non-ferrous metals. A good protective for welding guns shields. It is silicone free, eliminates the problem of paint adhesion subsequent to welding, powerful anti-corrosive and resistant to water, salt and acids.
  • LUBE OIL - a universal general-purpose lubricant for use in a wide range of applications. It has been developed to replace specific lubricants. It is clean - it does not stain or contaminate yarn. It penetrates, protects and prevents corrosion.
  • SEIZE FREE - extreme-pressure, high-temperature mechanical lubricant. Makes tighter joints and easier removal without damage. Copper and aluminium based. Offers maximum resistance to corrosion, high temperatures and ageing.
  • 15/40 ENGINE OIL
  • ENGINE START - for the rapid starting of all diesel and petrol engines. Contains a burn speed control additive to give extra-smooth, powerful starting and continuous upper-cylinder lubrication.
  • GEAR LUBE - open gear spray is a wide temperature range lubricant blended with molybdenum disulphide. It provides superior lubrication that will not break down under pressure. It does not wash off or dry. Use on high, medium or heavy open gears. Resists high pressures.
  • SILICONE GREASE SPRAY - designed for use in plant and electrical systems. A thin film provides an excellent water barrier for ignition systems and battery terminals. Ideal lubricant for glass and plastic valve systems.
  • BELT DRESS - a belt dressing that lubricates, cleans and conditions all flat and round styles of conveyors and drives. Prolongs life and reduces slip.
  • CARB CLEAN - a specialised formulation for the quick cleaning of carburetors thereby reducing idling and stalling. Improves engine performance and lubricates upper cylinders.
  • CHAIN AND CABLE LUBE - the ideal lubricant for increasing chain and cable life. It penetrates to the core of cables, wire ropes and chain cables. Special additives help to resist high temperature breakdown. Forces water out of metal pores. Suitable for all heavy-duty lubrication out of doors.
  • STEAM CLEAN - all concentrated cleaner designed for use in all types of steam cleaners and steam cleaning machinery. It is safe, economical, with no risks of clogging or scaling.
  • FLEET CLEAN - is a highly concentrated traffic film remover - ideal for cleaning all types fo vehicle. Due to its strength, Fleet Clean is effective and economical to use and gives your vehicle that back-to-new look. Fleet Clean is ideal for removing ingrained dirt, grime and grease.
  • NEW IMAGE/TRAFFIC FILM REMOVER - is a concentrated traffic film remover for use in hot and cold pressure systems. It removes ingrained dirt and grime quickly and economically, particularly where thorough, high-speed cleaning is required. New Image is a biodegradable formulation for all motor vehicles.
  • WASH AND WAX - a biodegradable mild, yet powerful, detergent that quickly removes grease, oil, dirt, insects, petrol stains and road film without harm to vehicle finishes. Contains carnuba wax for a brilliant protective shine.

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